Always Speed

Reaching the operating temperature of about 680°C 
in about 60 minutes from room temperature!!! 
This means that you will be able to switch off completely the machine every day.

• First switch on in just about 60 minutes.

• During following days it comes up to temperature in about 30 minutes

• Possibility to switch off/on the machine EVERY DAY without problems with very low costs


Flexibility in changing size and thickness

• Reducing to zero the waiting times for changing the glass thickness

• Quick changing of the thickness

• During the production process on each section of the machine it is possible to find different glasses in terms of the type and the thickness

• Maximum flexibility of use



• Lower initial cost of installation for electrical facilities 

• Lower fixed cost for the contract kW 

• Lower cost in kW consumption for production 

• Reducing to zero the cost for maintaining the furnace in temperature

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