Thanks to our MZR Air Convection System, our machine can temper the last generation of Low-e glass (emissivity 0.01 ɛ). This system manages independently the air flows, zone by zone, especially where the glass is located. The glass sheet is heated faster with greater uniformity in terms of heat distribution across the surface, thus reducing cycle times and increasing machine productivity. In addition, our convection system improves the quality of the tempered product in terms of optical distorsion, sheet flatness and fragmentation homogeneity. It will allow you to increase the maximum size of tempered glass sheet and obtaining excellent results.


The basic principles of Mazzaroppi are based on the highest level design. This is a special feature that let us to offer you exclusive machinery.


The numerous patents deposited are the result of the cutting edge solutions that we adopt for our machines and their special features.


Attention and craftsmanship for all details. All the components installed are strictly of the highest quality and made by European firms. The machines are designed to last as long as possible with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

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